The project

Global Avocado, Grape and Blueberry Analysis and Forecast



Repor Included

Business Opportunities modeling
Global Trade Analysis
Historic Trends Forecasting


About the Client

Camposol is one of the largest exporters of fresh produce from Peru. With a wide ranging portfolio of products, the company has been strategic in their development, concentrating on high value fruits such as Avocados, Blueberries, Grapes and Mangos.

The decision

Camposol is a fast growing company with a diverse portfolio of products. The strategic decision their upper management team had to make is on how to distribute investments into future production.

What we delivered

This project produced independent demand forecasts for each major market in which Camposol operates (the US, Europe and China) and across each major commodity the company works with. When combined this report offered a clear expectation of how historic trends would likely evolve in the medium to long term future. With this information in hand, the client was able to make objective investment decisions optimizing their product mix to take advantage of expected changes in demand.

The forecast methodology included a regression-based projection of supply and demand defined by qualitative parameters such as the amount of history considered for the regression. The forecast also contextualized the data for each market by considering the historic and expected population distributions. The forecasts for North American and Europe were further expanded on by extrapolating internal production giving a more comprehensive picture of the market and a more accurate prediction of growth.

Words from the client

We have received valuable analytics and insights from the Agronometrics team on an ad-hoc engagement. The team delivered quality work and provided an in-depth interpretation of the data, showing their extensive understanding of the data and their overall expertise.

Maarten Foubert, Business Strategy Manager at Camposol

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