The project

Blueberry State of the Industry Report


International Blueberry Organization

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Global Trade Analysis
Historic Trends Forecasting


About the Client

The IBO is a global organization bringing together leaders from around the blueberry world in all segments of the supply chain to advance the health and sustainability of the blueberry industry.

The decision

In the fast moving blueberry industry, having objective data that can help shed light on where the industry is today and where it is heading is crucial for companies investing in the growth consumers are demanding. The IBO’s role is to make this information available through the “Global State of the Blueberry Industry Report”.

What we delivered

Agronometrics took on the main responsibility for the production of the report, conducting interviews with key industry decision makers, helping to collect data from the organization's members and incorporating global trade statistics to help tell the global blueberry story. The report also includes an in-depth analysis by producing regions and production projections for the next four years.

As a complement to our work with the trade and production statistics, an in-depth analysis of the US markets was created focused on the organic markets as well as a deep dive into retail sales data. In the latter our study was able to bring to light the crucial relationship between the seasonality of growth in retail sales and the supply of different origins, hinting at a loss of growth due to quality issues.

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Words from the client

The Agronometrics team did a fantastic job spearheading the production of the International Blueberry Organization’s (IBO) flagship publication, the Global State of the Blueberry Industry Report. They brought a level of professionalism and competence to a report that is increasingly challenging to produce as we up our game. The results of their diligent effort and creativity is a fresh perspective to an annual report that needed a more robust approach to help tell the story of our industry as well as manage and present relevant data in useful formats.

One example of the value they brought was adeptly managing the complexity of incorporating the entire UN Commercial Trade data set into the publication. They delivered a level of accuracy and increased global visibility into trends in product movement around the world and the relevant market extrapolations where local data was limited. This triangulation is not easy work.

The contributions that the Agronometrics team made were a valuable service to the industry and enriched the product and the process. Better and more informed decisions are being made today because of the quality of their work.

Cort Brazelton, IBO Board Member and State of the Industry Report Editor

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